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Erin D. Minor CFP®

Erin D. Minor CFP®

Sr. Wealth Planner

Because of Erin’s passion to help others achieve their dreams, she joined RCG in 2002 to become a financial planner. As evidence, she has successfully maintained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional designation since 2005. Her expertise entails retirement, college and estate planning, investment review, income tax reduction strategies and charitable giving.

Two primary factors make Erin a very talented wealth planner: her love for people and her conviction for good planning to create healthy vision for both individuals and families. Erin has been guiding RCG clients with wise counsel for 17 years, helping each one with critical choices and execution of their life plan. Many people find financial issues to be complex and/or confusing, yet Erin knows how to present such data in an understandable way for confident decision-making. Erin is both an encourager and an empathizer, providing positive accountability to help her clients stay motivated to do the necessary work to diligently pursue their life goals. Because she understands the many tangible and intangible aspects related to the achievement of long-term financial goals, Erin is fully capable of helping our clients Finish Well.

Erin is married with three active children, requiring balance between her work life and family. Outside of work, she enjoys exercising, running, traveling and pouring herself into her lovely family and community.

Erin is not registered with FSC Securities Corporation.