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Wealth Management

Behind every financial plan we design, there is a tailored investment strategy. We have a clear investment philosophy that enables us to cut through the market noise and focus on what is important to you: achieving your goals and helping you to live with no regrets.

Financial Planning

Our work will help you identify and define key financial goals, while providing you with customized strategies to help you achieve your goals with open and honest communication. RCG's financial planning process is designed to guide you through the changing seasons of life, adapting along the way, and staying focused on what matters most to you.


We will help you protect four things: your life, health, family and property. Determining a prudent balance between self-insuring and the transfer of risk to an insurance company is unique for each client. To the degree you desire third party protection, we will evaluate your current coverages and guide you in making any needed changes in a cost effective mannner.

Legacy Planning

For generational wealth to last, we believe it is critical for family values to be passed on far in advance of the next generation receiving financial assets. Our team will assist you in articulating and communicating your values, and we will help train your family in becoming good stewards. Preserve your past, prepare your family for the future, and build a legacy to last.

Investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss.


Pursue life with no regrets, Finish Well.

We make it our goal to earn and maintain trusting relationships by helping clients define what it means to Finish Well and to help them live a life with no regrets. Nothing delights us more than helping our clients live with clarity of purpose and intention.

At Resource Consulting Group, we help families make sound financial choices to achieve financial success on their terms. With a strong commitment to education, we collaborate with families to develop workable, long-term plans. The core values that guide the delivery of our services are: uncompromising ethics, integrity and respect, developing and accessing the expertise required to help our clients achieve their goals, and accountability for performance. 

Getting to Know Robyn Krahn

We are excited to introduce to you, Robyn Krahn, who has recently joined our RCG team of professional financial advisors! As a prelude to you meeting her in person, please click the link below to watch a brief video interview between Robyn and David to learn about her personal and professional story: