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Our Company

At Resource Consulting Group, we believe nothing can compare to the quality of our business reputation perceived among our clients and the community we serve. We cannot control it – we can only earn it each day by doing our best work with passion and integrity for the benefit of others. With deeply shared conviction, our team believes most people desire to Finish Well in life. With this in mind, everything we do as a wealth management firm is intended to help our clients pursue their life journey with excellence. It is our combined approach of competence and concern that drives every recommendation made for every client.

If we first understand your values, only then can we appreciate the meaning behind your goals. We also believe those who faithfully work from a well-designed, flexible plan toward their life goals stand a greater chance for long-term success. No matter what obstacles the future may hold, we wholeheartedly believe good planning, good communications and a trusting relationship offer the best way to run… to Finish Well.

Our Commitment

Resource Consulting Group was founded on a conviction to help people excel in the pursuit of their life goals and dreams. All of our advisors share the belief that wealth has much more to do with living a life of purpose and fulfillment rather than merely the accumulation of assets. Our advisors share a commitment and passion to guide our clients in the wise use of their financial resources in an effort to Finish Well in life. As professional financial advisors, we have three defined goals as we lead clients through the life planning process: (1) to enlighten them with a new perspective about money and life possibilities; (2) to empower them with helpful knowledge and prudent choices; and (3) to enrich their lives as they discover potential opportunities and take action to build a meaningful legacy for generations to come. These three goals embody our greatest achievements: to enlighten, empower, and enrich the life of every client of Resource Consulting Group, Inc.